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Controlling the spread of coronavirus in Norfolk

Keeping yourself and others safe

Coronavirus is still with us and we all have an important part to play in working together to prevent its spread.

For your part, please isolate as soon as you notice symptoms and avoid face-to-face contact with anyone outside of your household. It is important to do this straight away, and for everyone in the household to isolate as they could also be infectious even without symptoms.

As soon as you isolate, visit or call 119 to book a test. Everyone is eligible to get a test if they have symptoms. You can choose either a drive-through test or a home test kit. Stay in isolation until you receive your results, which will include instructions on what to do next.

NHS Test and Trace will contact people who test positive for Covid-19. They will be interviewed about who they have been in contact with from two days before onset of symptoms to seven days after. This will identify people at risk of exposure who could transmit the virus before (or without) showing symptoms themselves.

See information about how to stay safe and how to get support if you need it whilst isolating.

Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk

For our part, Norfolk County Council has a Norfolk Local Outbreak Control Plan. 'Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk' sets out how the county will support the national NHS Test and Trace programme, to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus.

Norfolk Public Health will work with a range of County Council departments and community partners to prevent local outbreaks. However, if outbreaks do occur, the plan explains how they will be monitored in specific work places, settings, and communities and managed to limit further transmission. Also detailed is how Norfolk residents can find further guidance and support.

Councillor Bill Borrett, Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, said: “This isn’t just about protecting ourselves, but making sure we all play our part to protect everyone around us. We all have friends and family that we want to keep safe – whether that’s parents, elderly grandparents, and even our children. And we need everyone to play their part to help us do that. We all have to work together to keep each other safe.”

View the Norfolk Local Outbreak Control Plan

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