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Enjoy exploring Norfolk – safely

Thinking of exploring the great Norfolk countryside on your staycation this year?

Whilst we all want to enjoy ourselves outdoors, with more people out and about and the spell of warm weather, this has led to a number of accidental fires affecting farmland, heaths and forests.

If you are in the countryside, please help Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service (NFRS) by reducing the risk of fires starting. Here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Ensure cigarettes are fully put out before being safely discarded
  • Don’t start camp fires
  • Don’t use disposable barbecues
  • Take your litter home – especially glass bottles

When leaving your vehicle, always park considerately. Don’t block emergency access points and if you park on the roadside, make sure there’s enough space for emergency vehicles to pass.

If you do see a fire, call 999 immediately.

This summer, NFRS is running a social media safety campaign to remind people of fire and other safety hazards in open spaces.

See more information about fire safety outside.

Did you know?

In May 2020, NFRS were called to 66 out-of-control bonfires – nearly double the number in May 2019. These incidents tied up valuable resources that may have been needed elsewhere.

Now that Norfolk’s waste and recycling centres have reopened, residents are urged to take their waste to a centre rather than starting a bonfire.

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