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Home composting – free online workshops and a special offer

Many of us are spending more time at home so if you have a garden, it’s a great opportunity to have a go at home composting. You can produce your own nutrient-rich compost which will increase the biodiversity of your garden, helping worms and other mini-beasts to thrive.

Anne Wiltshire (pictured), Norfolk Master Composter, said “Composting gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Every time I add more organic matter into the compost bin, I notice how quickly the level has shrunk down. The smell and feel of freshly made compost is wonderful. It also gives me the knowledge that I am doing ‘my bit’ for the environment and for the future.”

You can learn more about home composting on one of our free online workshops, starting this month. You can join as an individual or as a community group.

Register here and we’ll contact you with the times and dates of upcoming workshops

The workshops are delivered by Master Composter volunteers and include how to start a compost heap and what you can and can’t put in it. We’ll also help you solve any problems you may have with your composting and there’ll be time for a Q&A session too.

Special Offer

Norfolk County Council has teamed up with Get Composting to offer a range of discounted composting bins and products starting from just £10 plus delivery for a 220-litre compost bin.

Find out more about composting and order a discounted compost bin.

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