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Safeguarding is everybody’s business

Safeguarding is everybody’s business – but what does that really mean?

Some organisations have very specific roles in safeguarding, set down in law, like Norfolk County Council, or the police. 

Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) is a partnership of key agencies, who work together to ensure that people in Norfolk are safeguarded from harm and can live their lives independently and free from abuse and neglect.

But anybody may see something, or hear something in their community, friendship group or family that might make them feel uncomfortable. They could worry that an adult who has needs for care and support is being abused or harmed in some way.

Abuse and neglect could fall under several categories including domestic, physical, emotional, financial or sexual. Some people take advantage of others with things like scams.

Signs to look for in people who could be at risk of harm or abuse include:

  • Unusual injuries
  • Consistently poor hygiene, poor living conditions or inappropriate clothing
  • Communicating aggressively or using sexual language
  • Appearing withdrawn, guarded, anxious or frightened, particularly around certain individuals
  • Hearing or seeing shouting, violence or intimidation
  • Suddenly running out money for no apparent reason

There is lots more information on the NSAB website. You can also follow NSAB on Twitter @NorfolkSAB

So, what can you do?

If you do see something or hear something, the next step is to say something – all you need to do is call Norfolk County Council 0344 800 8020 – and you too can help to safeguard adults in your community.

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