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Learn from home

The majority of children will still be learning at home after half-term.

The ongoing task of keeping children and young people happy, healthy and learning at home during lockdown, even if it has been eased, is no small challenge, so we have tips and guidance to help you. Most parents are not school teachers and cannot copy what would happen at school, but you should feel confident that you can still play a key role in helping your children learn at home.

  • Our director of learning and inclusion has advised:
  • Take time each day to plan with your children what you might want to do together
  • Make sure the activities are short and are right for their age and ability
  • Think of different types of activities, using the ideas online if you can access them
  • Don’t forget you can ask your children to do all sorts of literacy or mathematical activities that relate to your family life, for example, compiling shopping lists and researching and adding up the costs
  • Don’t forget each day to plan physical activity. For younger children the recommended hour might be broken up into smaller chunks of activity or games

Here is a selection of fun and educational activities hand-picked by our teaching and learning advisors from Early Years right through to post-16 and virtual schools teams from across the Eastern region. The resources, which are being regularly updated, are separated into activities and learning for pre-school; primary, secondary, special educational needs and disabilities and post-16.

All the activities have been chosen as good examples that can supplement - rather than replace - the learning that schools or educational settings will have provided. We recommend that you regularly check your school’s website and any social media pages they run for updates.

You can also view Norfolk County Council’s top tips for parents online.


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