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Parents thank children’s portage service

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The lockdown has proved challenging for a number of parents but for those with pre-school children with additional needs, the Portage team, part of Children’s Services’ Learning and Inclusion Service, has been a life-line to help their children stay active and engaged. As part of a special project, using the current trend of rainbows, the Portage team has worked with families in the virtual world to celebrate and thank the work of frontline staff and key workers.

Portage is a free home-based visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional needs. It is a recognised world-wide intervention which practices an intensive and sustained therapy while supporting parents/carers to help their children enjoy better outcomes, using the Small Steps to Learning approach, developed by the National Portage Association.

Melanie Warren, the Portage Strategic Co-ordinator said: “We were overwhelmed by the response and how it captured families’ imaginations, we created some amazing artwork to thank all keyworkers.”

Jennifer Madden, mum of three-year-old Aria, said of the Portage service: “It has provided us with someone to talk to and to discuss any difficulties we may be having. It has made us feel like we are not alone and there is always someone there who we can turn to if needed.

“They have helped us with tasks that have needed doing where possible and provided ways to keep Aria entertained. The service has been absolutely fantastic and they have gone out of their way to continue to support us as much as they can.” 


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