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Be kind to yourself - five ways to wellbeing


Many people will enjoy good mental health most of the time but lots of us have periods when we might not feel that good. 

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions have created challenging conditions with more people reporting increased levels of stress and anxiety and many struggling with issues like loneliness and isolation.

Juggling working at home with childcare and home schooling, money worries, unemployment, not being able to take part in our usual leisure activities or socialise with family and friends can all have a detrimental effect on our mental wellbeing.

These five simple ways to wellbeing can really help support your mental health.

Five ways to wellbeing

If you are worried about your own mental health and wellbeing, call Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust 24/7 helpline on 0808 196 3494.

If you’re a child, parent or carer and looking for mental health support for someone aged 0 -25 visit You don’t need a referral, you can get in touch straight away for advice and support.


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