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In good company campaign helps combat lockdown loneliness

In Good Company

Staying at home...In Good Company is a digital campaign to help combat loneliness in Norfolk during lockdown. 

The coronavirus pandemic has us all following the Government guidelines to stay at home and observe social distancing so we can all stay safe. But sadly, it's taken away that most basic, natural instinct we all have, which is to talk to others, connect with people face-to-face, and hug those you love. 

It has never been more important to reach out to those who might be in need of some company. And this is exactly what our campaign does. It reaches out to people feeling lonely to help them find things to do and ways to connect. It also signposts those wanting to volunteer their time towards opportunities.

As part of the campaign we called for people to share their rainbows to help us show all the folks struggling with being alone while they stay home that Norfolk is with them, and that they are #InGoodCompany

We had a great response. Many thanks to all of you who drew, painted, created, photographed and posted your rainbows on our Facebook news feed to show our thanks not only for all the hardworking #NHS staff and key workers, but for those who are lonely at home. It was a great way of expressing togetherness and support during lockdown.

Individuals looking for things to do locally can find community and social groups here.

Organisations that are running events and looking for volunteers, register today to add your events, services and volunteering opportunities to promote them to people in your area.

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