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Norfolk Resilience Forum distributes over 1.7 million pieces of PPE


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue of personal protective equipment (PPE) has rarely been out of the headlines. There have even been concerns that some frontline services could run out of PPE altogether.

In some cases, disruption to global supply chains has been a factor as well: a care home in Norfolk found themselves critically low on essential PPE, despite having orders in place and re-orders lined up, when suppliers were running a two-week waiting list.

Worried that their supplies would run out before they received the stock they were waiting for, the care home contacted Norfolk County Council who are running the emergency delivery supplies to health and social care providers on behalf of the Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF). They received a reply the same day and confirmed that an emergency supply of aprons and gloves would be delivered within 24 hours.

This is only one example of the work underway, which since 23 March has seen over 1.7 million pieces of PPE sourced by Norfolk County Council added to the NRF’s hub for distribution to those who need it most. This has included 677,000 aprons, 250,000 gloves and 800,000 masks to meet urgent need.

As a result of this work, and along with the support Norfolk County Council’s Adult Social Care team has offered to care providers in sourcing their own PPE, no care homes in Norfolk have run out of PPE over the past few months.

The procurement and distribution of PPE will continue to be a high priority for the NRF, which is building on the good work done so far and aim to ensure none of our carers run out of vital equipment as they battle the pandemic.


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