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Protect Ourselves, Protect Norfolk

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Norfolk residents have been fantastic in the responsible way they have approached the lockdown. We are now asking everyone to keep working together to stop the spread of coronavirus as new Government guidelines come into force.

As the restrictions are relaxed on spending time outdoors and meeting more members of other households, our eye-catching campaign encourages the public to keep respecting social distancing and behave in a way that will help us all protect ourselves and protect Norfolk.

Working as a key member of the Norfolk Resilience Forum, which is made up of organisations across the county, we are encouraging residents to keep doing ten key things:

  • Keep staying at home as much as possible
  • Keep contact with others to a minimum
  • Keep working safely
  • Keep safe when outside
  • Keep our hands and faces clean
  • Keep self-isolating if anyone in our household has symptoms
  • Keep travelling safely
  • Keep staying safe at work
  • Keep shielding ourselves if we are vulnerable
  • Keep exercising and enjoying outside space safely

These simple steps are being shared via colourful online posters across the county council and its partners’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

The social distancing guidelines, asking everyone to observe a 2m minimum distance between themselves and others, remains in place, and those who are able to work from home are being urged to continue doing so wherever possible. Please don't forget, individuals acting responsibly will play a key part in keeping the infection rate down and protecting others. 


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