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Public services working together

Tom McCabeNorfolk’s public services have been working together throughout the coronavirus pandemic to protect people and minimise the disruption to key services.

This effort has been coordinated through the Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF). The NRF is made up of the emergency services, councils, and other key organisations.

The forum has created working groups which have met daily to tackle the biggest challenges we have been facing as a county.

This includes making sure we look after our most vulnerable residents, that vital infrastructure is maintained, our key workers have what they need and that we are doing everything we can to minimise and delay the spread of the virus.

The forum’s work have been overseen by the Strategic Coordination Group (SCG) led by Tom McCabe (pictured above). Tom is Executive Director and Head of Paid Service at Norfolk County Council.

The NRF has also worked closely with central government and the military to support the national fight against coronavirus.


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