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Rooting for Nature – let’s get Norfolk composting


Thousands of Norfolk residents are already composting at home. Why not be one of them?

Norfolk County Council is spreading the word about the benefits of home composting and is encouraging people to use their garden waste, fruit and vegetable peelings to make their own compost.

With the weather getting warmer and many of us spending more time at home, it’s a great time to be out in the fresh air, getting started on a new project. Now more than ever, we are learning that getting back to nature is good for our health and wellbeing.

Producing your own nutrient-rich fertiliser for your soil also increases the biodiversity of your garden, helping worms and other mini-beasts to thrive and providing food for wild birds.Flower pot

Over 90,000 compost bins have been distributed across the county in recent years. This has helped to recycle an estimated 14,245 tonnes of waste each year.  This impressive team effort by the people in Norfolk has made a huge difference to the environment by cutting down on the amount of waste sent for disposal.

A recent Facebook Live composting event attracted 70 viewers at its peak. Join us for our next Facebook Live event – a Home Composting Q&A on Wednesday 24 June at 7pm.

The council works in partnership with Garden Organic, to organise a network of master composters across Norfolk who raise awareness of the benefits of composting.  We’ve also teamed up with Get Composting to offer a range of discounted composting bins.

Find out more about composting and order a discounted compost bin. 


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