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Your Norfolk Summer 2017

First Words

Cliff Jordan

Summer is well and truly here, bringing with it the warm weather, the flowers in full bloom and the thought, for many, of summer holidays.

For children coming to the end of their summer term, they can look back on a hard year’s work. Results for Norfolk’s students were hugely encouraging last year, and doubtless many fingers will be crossed for this year.

I would like to thank head teachers, teachers, governors and other school staff, for all their hard work, alongside the students they teach. Their role, in helping to nurture our young people through their formative years, is invaluable.

We want our young people to have the best possible chance for success, to be able to build a life and career in our county. The work that goes on in our schools is central to making that possible.

In this edition of Your Norfolk, there is lots of excellent information, not least about learning and development, both for young people and those, like myself, who are that little bit older. As a piece on page four states: It’s never too late to learn!

Our cover story is all about our ‘Count on Norfolk’ campaign, helping make maths a fun part of everyday life. I know for many, the very word brings a dose of the shivers; but it is profoundly important and, with some help, the fear that many feel about maths can be overcome. We can all play our part, and you can read more about that on page three.

Whatever you do this summer though, keep safe, enjoy the sunshine and, speaking as a Norfolk man through and through, do consider avoiding the stress of travel by spending your summer holiday here in our wonderful county: I know I will, and there really is nowhere better.

Cliff Jordan

Leader of 
Norfolk County Council


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