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If you are struggling to lose weight and are aged between 40 and 74, you may be able to take part in a weight loss programme funded by Norfolk County Council’s Public Health team for the first 12 weeks.

The programme is currently only available to people who have had an NHS Health Check, have a BMI over 30 and are ready to change their lifestyle to support their weight loss.

Slimming World has been commissioned to deliver the scheme which includes 12 group sessions, offering support and advice with lifestyle changes, including physical activity and motivation to meet your agreed weight loss target.

To find out if you are eligible for the programme, book an NHS health check at your local GP surgery or pharmacy.

When Julian Bryant, 53, from Taverham went for his NHS Health Check, he was overweight and had health problems such as chest pains, acid reflux and breathlessness. He was unhappy with his weight gain, fitness and general appearance and was ready to change.

The nurse referred him to the Slimming World programme. Julian said: “The group was really supportive and motivational. 
I made new friends and it felt like we were all in it together.

The approach to eating worked well for me and I have changed my diet, cutting out all unhealthy snacks between meals. Since losing weight I feel more positive about myself in every respect. My fitness has improved and I cycle and go for long walks. I’m no longer breathless and apparently,don’t snore as much – which makes my wife very happy!”

Julian after

Pictured: Julian has lost over over five stone since joining the programme in January.


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