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Your Norfolk Summer 2018

Better access to Norfolk's great outdoors

Access to great outdoors

Over the last two years we’ve tested 40 trails and made improvements to 16. There is now a lovely new path up Beeston Bump which replaces the old badly rutted surface, making it even easier for more people to access the hill and enjoy the spectacular views from its summit.

As well as making path surface improvements and removing steps and stiles, we’re creating booklets to help you to take a look at a walk to see if the route is suitable.

Look out for the access tested logo and the new access tested walks on our website
We’re adding more all the time.

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There are hundreds of miles of local paths all around Norfolk. Find out where public rights of way are and how to report issues.

Did you know?
The Beeston Bump path improvement was largely funded by Natural England and took six weeks to complete. We used 109 tonnes of granite and carstone, which was airlifted onto the site by helicopter.


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