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Taking a stand against scams


Scams are affecting the lives of millions of people in the UK – with lonely and older people most at risk. Victims often lose £1,000 or more before realising they’ve been duped.

The Norfolk Against Scams Partnership (NASP) is a partnership of organisations committed to taking a stand against scams and aims to make Norfolk a scam-free county. Working alongside the Friends Against Scams network, organisations are encouraged to become partners and urge everyone to take a stand against scams.

Fred* (80) received a letter from a scam business saying he had an unclaimed lottery prize. He got in touch and was told to send money so business lawyers could start processing his winnings. Fred didn’t receive any prize money but continued to get letters and calls from the company and ended up paying them almost £40,000.

When our Trading Standards officers got involved, they helped Fred to recognise he had been scammed. It soon became clear that he was the victim of at least 20 other fraudulent schemes and was losing hundreds of pounds each month.

Officers worked with Fred and his bank to have all the payments stopped and new bank cards issued. They also set up a call blocker to stop bogus callers. Fred can now recognise scam mail. He used to get around ten letters a day but this has reduced to two a week and he shreds any he receives.

Friends Against Scams

  • 1,288 members recruited in Norfolk
  • The average age of a scam victim is 75 but victims can be as young as 19
  • National figures show that more than 53% of people aged 65+ have been targeted by scammers

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*Fred’s name has been changed to protect confidentiality.  Photo posed by model.  


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