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Wish we were dualled

 Wish we were dualled

 Thousands of you have shown your support for getting the A47 fully dualled over the last few months by backing our Just Dual It! campaign.

Just 47% of the A47 between Peterborough and Lowestoft is dual carriageway. We believe getting the whole route dualled would hugely benefit Norfolk, improving road safety and making journey times along the road and onwards to the Midlands shorter and more reliable.

We’ll be leaving the Government in no doubt about how important this is to Norfolk by taking the thousands of messages of support we’ve received for getting the road dualled down to Westminster later this summer.

Here are just a few of the reasons people have told us they want the A47 fully dualled as soon as possible – fingers crossed the Government listens to you all and we get some good news later this year.

“It will reduce congestion particularly during the summer months. It will be safer for motorists, eliminating ‘blackspots’…
It will improve transport links to the Midlands, and will make the port of Great Yarmouth more attractive
for trade.”         T Skinner, Wymondham

“It is a vital connecting route for commercial and holiday vehicles in Norfolk. Therefore to improve this connection will increase business and prosperity for the region.”
M Rayner, Sheringham

“It is a main artery for the county as it is, in places it is dangerous. It has cost our local economy millions in delays by the poor layout of the road.”
Jacqueline Vincent, Kettlestone

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