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Meet Norfolk County Council’s new cabinet members

A new 10-member cabinet of councillors has been appointed to lead the county council and its services.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Proctor, said: “I have put together a strong team to ensure clear and robust leadership, to deliver the most efficient and effective services for the people of Norfolk.

“This will enable us to move forward with strong, accountable decision-making and drive the transformation programmes we have in place to deliver these services.

“We will continue to work better together with our partners across the county to grow the economy, create jobs and promote Norfolk.”

Andrew Proctor

Councillor Andrew Proctor, Executive Leader of the Council
Governance and Strategy

Graham Plant

Councillor Graham Plant, Deputy Leader of the Council
Growing the Economy

The other members are:

Bill Borrett

Councillor Bill Borrett, Adult Social Care, Public Health and Prevention

Margaret Dewsbury

Councillor Margaret Dewsbury, Communities and Partnerships

John Fisher

Councillor John Fisher, Children’s Services

Tom Fitzpatrick

Councillor Tom FitzPatrick, Innovation, Transformation and Performance

Andy Grant

Councillor Andy Grant, Environment and Waste

Andrew Jamieson

Councillor Andrew Jamieson, Finance

Greg Peck

Councillor Greg Peck, Commercial Services and Asset Management

Martin Wilby

Councillor Martin Wilby, Highways, Infrastructure and Transport

The cabinet replaces the previous committee system that operated in Norfolk. Under the new system, the cabinet will take the key decisions, while select committees will develop policy and oversight and scrutiny committees will hold the council to account.


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