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Outdoor fitness works wonders for Bill

GoodgymWhen Bill Edmonds retired in 2010, he decided to join his wife Katy on the NHS Couch to 5k programme.

“Using the Couch to 5k app, Katy and I soon started to enjoy the benefits of our runs along the Bure Valley Railway line.”

“Being able to run for five minutes soon turned into ten and I was amazed at how much I started to enjoy it. I always feel so much better after, both physically and mentally.”

Now 70, Bill loves keeping fit outdoors. He’s completed more than 100 park runs, runs around 30 km a week and is a regular at Good Gym sessions.

“I’ve been surprised at how sociable running can be and I’ve met really inspiring people. Running with a purpose, such as Good Gym, benefits the whole community, not just your own health.”

Couch to 5k

Good Gym
Is a group of runners who combine keeping fit with voluntary work in the community such as gardening, litter-picking and painting and decorating.

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