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Smart technology is changing the way we live

Chris Metcalf

The latest gadgets are having a huge impact on people’s lives – helping them to live independently and safely.

In Norfolk, the numbers of people using assistive technology is increasing. Assistive technology can be any piece of kit that helps you get on with your day. In social care, this normally means electronic gadgets or sensors that are designed to prompt you or raise the alarm if something goes wrong.

But increasingly, many people are using mainstream devices such as smart phone apps or smart speakers to help them in their daily lives. This might be as simple as setting a daily reminder to have something to eat and drink, to take medication or be notified of an upcoming calendar event.

Improvements in mobile phone signals and access to broadband has increased the range of devices that can be used – especially in rural areas.

Chris Metcalf, Norfolk County Council’s Assistive Technology Manager, said:

“Traditional assistive technology, such as sensors linked to a monitoring centre, have a valuable role to play, whilst technology that helps people pursue their interests and passions can also enhance quality of life. This might be a music player with simplified controls or a smart speaker to access the latest news.”Mini speaker

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