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Your Norfolk summer 2019

Together, for Norfolk

Norfolk County Council has big plans for our county. Our ambition is for economic growth, managed development and a better future for all, working with a host of organisations, businesses and community groups across our county.

We are all proud of our unique environment, identity, heritage and assets.

We all share that goal and desire to see Norfolk succeed. We see it as our responsibility to create a plan that matches our collective ambition to ensure our communities grow, thrive and prosper for the future.

Our key priorities are

Growing the economy

  • More businesses start, grow and invest in NorfolkNDR
  • The local economy is inclusive, and supports and benefits local businesses and communities
  • Infrastructure is in place to support housing development, inward investment and sustainable growth
  • Enough homes are being built to meet people’s need, including affordable homes
  • Easy access to the county, good transport, fast internet and a strong mobile network helps people and businesses connect with each other
  • People with high level qualifications are attracted to and remain in Norfolk
  • High quality employment opportunities are available

Thriving people

  • All children in Norfolk have a good education which meets their needs, encourages ambition and gives them knowledge and skills for adult life and employment
  • Young people and adults, including people with learning or physical disabilities and mental health problems, are able to develop skills for the future, and local businesses are able to invest in them
  • Workers in Norfolk can access well paid, high value skilled jobs through the achievement of higher accredited learning and those in need of improved foundation skills can access learning
  • All families, older people and people with learning or physical disabilities are supported to live well and independently in their community

Strong communities

  • People are socially active and connected to their communitiesBenjamin Court
  • People of all ages enjoy good health and increased wellbeing
  • Services in communities are joined up, and more able to meet people’s needs
  • Community groups and voluntary organisations are able to deliver services which people need in their community
  • Communities are safe and resilient
  • People have access to high quality cultural and heritage facilities
  • People can enjoy high quality of life in an environment which is protected 

Our plans for the next six years include

  • Major infrastructure projects such as the £120 million Third River Crossing and £6.1 million for sustainable transport schemes in greater Norwich
  • Building more than 400 homes over the next three years, through our company, Repton
  • Creating new special schools and creating specialist resource bases in existing schools by investing £120 million
  • Developing new extra care housing developments across Norfolk by investing £29 million

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