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Your Norfolk summer 2019

Celebrating Norfolk's rich history of pilgrimage

Red Mount Chapel

King’s Lynn has been associated with pilgrimage since medieval times when thousands of pilgrims passed through the town on their way to the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham.

Journeys is a fascinating new exhibition at Lynn Museum which takes visitors on a trip through time. The show looks at the many types of journeys people made and continue to make: journeys of faith, of trade and exploration, migration and settlement and journeys for fun.

Lynn Museum’s fine collection of medieval pilgrim badges sits at the heart of the exhibition. Discovered in the mud in the rivers Purfleet and Pilgrim badgesOuse, the badges were worn by pilgrims as a keepsake and good luck symbol.

Journeys is part of two wider projects – Green Pilgrimage and Coastal Treasures – which see council departments working together to boost green tourism and encourage walking and cycling in north and west Norfolk.

Green Pilgrimage is a European funded initiative.
Coastal Treasures is funded by the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund.

Main picture: Red Mount Chapel, King's Lynn, by Thomas Baines, 1854 
Norfolk Museums Service (Lynn Museum) 
The chapel was used by medieval pilgrims on their way to Walsingham.

Pictured right: Badges from the Lynn Museum collection.


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