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Celebrating the achievements of young people in our care

In Norfolk, we have just over a thousand children in care. Approximately a third are teenagers – many of whom are preparing to leave care and live independently.

Having someone who believes in them can make a real difference to a young person’s life and help them realise their ambitions. Here, we celebrate the achievements of three young people in our care.

As well as studying for A levels in maths, further maths and politics, Daniel (16) is a keen sportsman and is captain of Yarmouth and Lowestoft under-17s rugby team. Daniel has been living with his foster carers for almost five years. “Since coming to live with Paula and Stuart, I’m much more settled. They help me get the best out of life. I used to get angry and act impulsively and that sometimes got me into bother at school. But now I’m calmer and more able to judge situations. My carers give me lots of support and encouragement with my studies and my ambition is to go to university.”

Jess (17) has been in foster care for six years. She is very committed to achieving her personal ambitions and is delighted with her recent GCSE results which include A grades in maths and science. “I’m really appreciative of all the encouragement and support I receive, particularly from my carers, my social worker and my school. I am proud of myself and feel positive about what I want for the future and my education. I would like a career in mental health and will soon be starting my L3 course in Health and Social Care to work towards this goal”.

Fern (20) used to be so socially anxious she couldn’t leave her flat, so the council provided funding for two home study A level courses. “This raised my confidence enough to start an Access course at Wensum Lodge. I enjoyed all the studying and after getting a distinction on the Access course and good grades at A level, I was accepted by the University of East Anglia to study psychology.” What’s more, Fern has achieved all this whilst also being a full time mum.

Change a life – foster in Norfolk
As part of a campaign to recruit foster carers, we’ve produced a short film showing how a foster carer helped change the life of one teenager. To watch it, go to and click ‘who can foster’. 


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