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Investing in children and families

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The council is investing £12 million over the next four years to transform the way we work with children and families and reduce the number of children coming into our care.

We want more children to have the chance to live at home with their families. For those who do come into our care, we want to ensure they can live with foster carers wherever possible, rather than in residential homes.

This means investing in intensive support for families whose children are at risk of care proceedings and recruiting more foster carers. We also want to develop more early help services that can work with families before they come into contact with social care.

The programme is based on a successful scheme in East Sussex and also includes additional support for those leaving our care.

Without this level of investment, we estimate that demand for our services will continue to rise, costing an extra £5 million each year by 2021-22. So by reducing demand and investing now, we avoid costs going up in the future.


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