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Harnessing home smart tech to help people live independently

Assistive tech

More than 7,000 older and vulnerable people in Norfolk are already using technology to help them live independently.

The council is keen to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of new technology. From the widely available Amazon Echo to specialist devices which can tell if someone has fallen over or left their house, gadgets are helping increasing numbers of people to live in their own homes safely and confidently for longer.

Echo dot croppedWe’re also working with Rotary House for the Deaf to open a ‘smart flat’ in Norwich where this technology can be demonstrated, so people can see for themselves how gadgets can make a big difference to their everyday life.

The council is also setting up an innovation centre at County Hall to demonstrate how technology can help people at home and work.

Technology gives Chris reassurance
Chris, from Yorkshire, uses assistive technology to reassure him that his Norfolk-based mother is safe and well between his visits. In a recent Radio Norfolk interview, he said:

“My mother has dementia and arthritis. She still wants to live independently. Assistive technology gives us a reassurance that she has more scope to make errors and mistakes safely. Her wish to be independent can be extended longer.”

For more details of support to stay at home including assistive technology, equipment and adaptations, and home support see


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