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Let’s SCRAP fly-tipping

Fly-tipping costs Norfolk more than £1 million every year with the district, borough, city and county councils picking up the bill for removing and disposing of illegally dumped waste on public land. Private landowners also spend huge amounts on cleaning up waste left on their land.

That’s why all of Norfolk’s councils, Norfolk Police and the Environment Agency are joining forces to kick off a campaign that aims to fight the blight of fly-tipping in the county.

SCRAP is based on an award-winning and successful campaign developed by the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership which saw a drop of almost 18% in fly-tipping incidents in its first year.

Year after year around 90% of fly-tipping in the countryside or on our streets could have been left at a recycling centre for free.

A lot of fly-tipped waste is large van loads of items so it’s up to everyone to make sure that they’re not using a rogue trader who may dispose of their waste illegally.

Follow these simple ‘SCRAP’ rules if you’re giving your waste to someone else to dispose of:


Five commonly fly-tipped items that householders could have taken to one of Norfolk’s 20 recycling centres for FREE:


Check what you can take to a recycling centre at

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