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Check your blood pressure

One in six adults in Norfolk don’t know they have high blood pressure. Are you one of them?

High blood pressure rarely has noticeable symptoms and, left untreated, can lead to strokes, heart attacks and other serious diseases.

If you haven’t had your blood pressure reading taken in the last five years, make sure you get checked.

Many pharmacies offer blood pressure checks or will check your blood pressure for you as part of a wider health check.

Find out more about checking blood pressure and what to do if it’s high at

61-year-old John Atkins from Blofield was shocked to discover he had high blood pressure:

John tkins“I led what I thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle, I enjoyed the odd glass of wine but I was pretty active and ate a good diet, so when I found out I had high blood pressure I was pretty shocked.

“It’s not something that any of my family suffer from and, as I’d not had any of the symptoms, it wasn’t something I thought would affect me. Thankfully my GP prescribed me medication and my blood pressure is now at a normal level.

“I would encourage anyone to get themselves checked so they can get it treated and potentially avoid something much more serious, like a stroke.”

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