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New Early Childhood and Family Service

Our new Early Childhood and Family Service (ECFS) is now up and running, providing support and advice to families with young children across Norfolk.

ECFS logoRun in partnership with Action for Children, the service focuses on helping families with children aged 0-5, who need extra support. There is a range of activities and courses on offer such as play sessions, baby massage, healthy relationships courses and programmes to boost self-esteem. One-to-one support will also be available in people’s homes and community centres, or in venues where people feel most comfortable.

ECFS staff will be making contact with local communities, so they can meet families who might not have used services in the past but who need some extra help. Staff will also work out of 15 bases across the county and advice will be available online.

Information about early childhood in Norfolk is available on our website at or by calling 0344 800 8020.


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