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Your Norfolk winter 2019

The budget challenge

Norfolk County Council wants Norfolk to be a county where businesses, organisations and communities work together to create a better place to live and work.

Our business plan, Together, for Norfolk, sets out how we are planning to grow our economy, manage development and achieve better futures and outcomes for everyone in Norfolk.

Where the money comes fromDay to day, we provide services to give children and young people the best start in life, support vulnerable and older people, maintain our transport network, provide library, waste disposal and fire services, and work in partnership to grow the economy.

We are currently delivering these services in a changing financial climate that has seen a huge amount of money taken out of local government since 2010. Like all councils, we have come to the end of a long-term funding deal and are awaiting announcements from the Government about the level of funding we can expect in the future.

Although we are faced with financial uncertainty we are not sitting back and doing nothing. We have been investing the money we do have on making our services more efficient, keeping families together and helping vulnerable people remain independent. We continue to ask the Government for fairer funding, a better way to pay for social care for older people and more investment in transport links and broadband so we can help grow our local economy.

Where the money is spent

* Includes money set aside for interest and repayment of loans for capital projects (eg schools and roads) and pension payments

Making decisions about how we spend your money is never easy. We have focused our budget on the needs of vulnerable people by increasing the proportion of our budget we spend on social care for children and adults. However, as demand is rising all the time this increase is still not enough to stop our services feeling the squeeze. Even increasing council tax, by the amount we’re allowed to without a local referendum, won’t balance our budget. There are statutory services we need to protect and a limited choice of where savings can be made. This means we must find around £40 million of savings in 2020-21.

By listening to you we know which services you value. And by developing our budget proposals in line with your priorities and our strategy of changing services to make them more efficient, we can make most of the savings we need without directly affecting services.

Have your say…

We want to hear your views on our council tax and budget approach to help us agree a balanced budget for next year.

Visit for more information and to have your say. The budget and next year’s council tax precepts are due to be finalised by the council in February 2020.


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