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New roundabout replaces notorious A140 junction

Hempnall roundaboutThe vital new Hempnall roundabout on the A140 is now complete after work started in May this year.

In the past, many drivers made long detours to avoid using the old junction which had a poor injury accident record. Eleven personal injury accidents in the last five years had resulted in 15 casualties, with one categorised as serious.

Thousands of drivers a day are now using the new roundabout which was built to help unlock economic growth, reduce journey times, ease traffic congestion and improve road safety.

Keep a look out for the finishing touches, which will see us planting 23 trees, 1,470 hedge plants and 520 shrubs over the coming months.

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Just down the road, the Long Stratton bypass has recently been given a boost with over £500,000 from the Department for Transport to move the project forward to the next stage where we hope to secure full funding.

The Long Stratton bypass is one of four improvement schemes we’re prioritizing – the others are the Norwich Western Link, West Winch housing access road and upgrading the A47/A17 Pullover junction near King’s Lynn.


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